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The Pagan Tree is a character in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC.


The Pagan Tree is an overgrown, mutated tree with twisting eyes. It seems to be a sentient being but is unable to speak.


The tree is located in a cave across a cliff on the path leading to the Prayer Tower bonfire. In order to reach it, the player must drop down to a platform and look around for a switch hidden behind some red eyed statues. After hitting it with a ranged attack, the tower will rise and the player can drop down into the cave. Just inside the cave, there will be some Poison Statue Clusters blocking the path. Around the tree are corpses containing some titanite, the Promised Walk of Peace hex and the Notched Whip+7.


In order to make the tree repair one's equipment, it must be struck with any kind of whip. Doing this will make the tree moan and drop repair powder on the player. Worn out equipment will be restored to perfect durability, and broken equipment will be fully repaired. Items repaired must be equipped in any of the player's equipment slots, meaning that those in the main inventory will not be repaired.


  • If the player repeatedly attacks the tree, it will die.
    • Powerstanced whips will kill it too, so do not powerstance near it.
  • Upon death, it will drop three Dried Roots and 3,500 souls.
  • When the player rests at a bonfire, the tree will respawn.
  • If killed too many times, however, it will no longer continue to spawn, although it can be revived with the use of Bonfire Ascetics on the Sanctum Walk bonfire.


Dark Souls 2 DLC - Finding the Magical Repair Tree

Dark Souls 2 DLC - Finding the Magical Repair Tree

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