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For the Dark Souls variant, see Painting Guardian Sword.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Monastery Scimitar.

The Painting Guardian's Curved Sword is a curved sword in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A weapon described in legends passed down amongst heretics, wielded by the Painting Guardians.
A uniquely shaped weapon with a flat tip.
Skill: Chained Dance
Execute relentless consecutive attacks while tracing a circle in a unique dance of deadly grace.


Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, on a corpse in the tower of the Church of Yorshka. To get to the top of the tower, one must use the spiral staircase in Anor Londo and walk off an invisible path to the tower. The easiest way to find the path is to raise the staircase to its highest position and then walk off the lower path.


The Painting Guardian's Curved Sword is a low-weight weapon that requires little stamina to swing. However, it has a reach more akin to that of a dagger than a curved sword. It also possesses high dexterity scaling, despite being a standard titanite weapon, as well as a respectable amount of Bleed build-up.

The sword meshes poorly with elemental infusions, due to its low base damage and the fact that its high scaling does not carry over to the elemental damage scaling. For this reason, it is recommended to infuse the weapon with a physical damage gem and apply an elemental buff to it instead.

  • It is recommended the player infuse it with a Sharp Gem, as it gains "S" scaling in Dexterity at +3 reinforcement.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
Jump Attack ???
Running Attack ???
Rolling Attack ???
Kick ???
Weak Attack
Strong Attack


  • Held in the left hand it can perform a parry.


Reinforced with Titanite.


Dark Souls 3 Painted Guardian's Curved Sword - Weapon Arts Showcase00:32

Dark Souls 3 Painted Guardian's Curved Sword - Weapon Arts Showcase


  • When infused, the "Curved" part of the sword's name will be replaced with whatever infusion is applied. For example, a raw infusion will rename it to "Painting Guardian's Raw Sword."
    • Additionally, some infusions, such as lightning, will exclude the "Sword", instead showing up as "Painting Guardian's Lightning", from the name when viewing a reinforced variant through Andre's reinforcement or infusion menu.
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