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The Paladin's Ashes are a key item in Dark Souls III. They are one of several umbral ashes that can be found throughout the course of the game.

In-Game Description

Umbral ash of a worn-out paladin who sought the Cathedral of the Deep. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.
This paladin paid quite a price for his headstrong justice.


Found in the Cathedral of the Deep.

From the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire, head toward the stairs and turn left, following a small path downhill. The ashes are located on a corpse lying on the far end, behind the Unkindled Fallen Knight.


Extends the Shrine Handmaid's inventory to include the following items:

Available Item Cost
4 Blooming Purple Moss Clump 1,000
Canvas Talisman 3,000
Crescent Axe 4,000
Duel Charm 500
1 Lloyd's Shield Ring 2,500
Morning Star 2,500
Undead Hunter Charm 500

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