The Path of the Dragon covenant is a PvP oriented covenant in Dark Souls. By serving the Stone Dragon, Undead in this covenant are seeking to become dragons themselves.


There are no requirements to join.

How to JoinEdit

Talk to the Stone Dragon in Ash Lake. To access Ash Lake, travel from Blighttown to the The Great Hollow and travel to the very bottom; upon arriving there, follow the path along the beach to its end.


Upon joining players receive:

Dragon Scales are offered to the Stone Dragon to rank up.

Rank Dragon Scales Rewards
- 0 Dragon Head Stone
Dragon Eye
+1 10

Stronger flame for Dragon Head Stone
Stronger Dragon Roar buff for Dragon Torso Stone

+2 30

Dragon Torso Stone
Stronger Dragon Roar buff for Dragon Torso Stone

+3 80

Stronger flame for Dragon Head Stone
Stronger Dragon Roar buff for Dragon Torso Stone

Leaving the covenant will render the Dragon Eye useless, but the Dragon Head Stone and the Dragon Torso Stone remain usable while losing any rank benefits.

Specifics to the duelEdit

Using the Dragon Eye spawns a summon sign in other player's worlds, allowing players who have Dragon Scales to summon covenant members to duel. The victor is awarded a Dragon Scale for their effort; players do not lose Dragon Scales upon defeat. Should the result be a draw (both players die near-simultaneously), both players are rewarded with a scale. 

Increased damage between ranksEdit

Damage on Zombie Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Dragon Breath 108 112 117 126
Dragon Claw* 360 360 360 360
Buffed Dragon Claw** 432(+20%) 439(+22%) 450(+25%) 468(+30%)

*Dragon Claw damage is inflicted while unarmed with the Dragon Torso Stone transformation.
**The buff always lasts 5 seconds, no matter what rank the player is in or what ring the player is wearing.



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