The Peculiar Doll is a key in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

A strange doll in strange dress.
There once was an abomination who had no place in this world. She clutched this doll tightly, and eventually was drawn into a cold and lonely painted world.


The Peculiar Doll can be found at the Undead Asylum, when revisited (it cannot be found during the tutorial). It is located in the cell where the game began, guarded by a Black Knight.

General InformationEdit

The Peculiar Doll is used to enter the Painted World of Ariamis. To enter the Painted World, players just need to have the Peculiar Doll in their inventory and examine the large painting in the cathedral in Anor Londo.

The Peculiar doll is lost at the end of every playthrough, and must be retrieved again in order to access the Painted World in NG+.