Peculiar Kindalur is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A strange man of unknown origins who will invade the player a short distance past Rhoy's Resting Place in the Shrine of Amana.
While his name and appearance suggest an eclectic character, his talent with magic is unquestionable and he will attack with a diverse arsenal of dangerous spells.[2]


He will invade the player in Shrine of Amana, right before they make their way to the Demon of Song boss battle.




It's recommended to clear out all surrounding enemies before battling him. He will use a variety of very powerful spells against the player. However, as with most sorcerers, he will leave himself open for attack every time he's casting a spell. Use heavy-hitting weapons and a shield. Try to hide behind a column and attack him as he comes close.

The player may also resort on making him fall into deep water, although all of Kindalur's possible drops will be lost this way.



  1. Only if the player is a member of the Company of Champions covenant.
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