Petrification is a negative status effect in Dark Souls II that will instantly kill players.


The way Petrification works is that as the player is being petrified, a small bar will start filling up, once the bar is completely filled, the player is considered petrified, and as such, will turn to stone, dying immediately. Petrification works differently than other status effects as it does not damage a player's health directly.

Much like Curse, there is no way for players to deal Petrification as a status effect to enemies or other players, just like it is impossible to infuse a shield or weapon to increase its Petrification effect.

Petrify Resist and ImmunityEdit

Petrification depends entirely on both the player's innate Petrify Resist, which is boosted by the Vigor and Adaptability stats, and armor or rings that the player has equipped. There are also temporary ways to increase Petrify Resistance.

When a player reaches about 900 Petrify Resistance, they become completely immune to Petrification.

Boosting Petrify ResistEdit

Below is a list of Armor and Rings that will increase Petrify Resist by a very large amount:

  • Ash Knuckle Ring (400 Petrification Resistance)
  • Ring of Soul Protection (equipping this will completely negate death by petrification, at the cost of the ring breaking)
  • Ring of Resistance (120 all Status Effect Resist)
  • Dingy Set (all pieces have very high resistance, but the hood and cuffs are not the best, Robe and Skirt, however, have the highest value of Petrification Resistance and all pieces already come upgraded at +5)
  • Engraved Gauntlets (possesses the highest Petrification Resistance out of all Hand armors)
  • Warlock Mask (possesses the highest Petrification Resistance out of all Head armors)

Below is a list of temporary ways to increase a player's Petrify Resistance:

  • Perseverance (will boost all status effect resistances by a certain percentage of the player's overall resistances (15% Poison and Bleed/30% Curse and Petrification). )
  • Triclops Snake Troches (consumable item that raises Pet. Res. by 200 points for about a minute)

Below is also a list of shields that will significantly reduce Petrification build-up from physical attacks, the Basilisk's dangerous petrification mist is unblockable:

(All shields with above 70/75% petrification reduction, by order of weight)

Testing revealed that as long as players have about 100 Pet. Res. (with or without armor) and at least a 75% Pet. Res. shield, then the player should be immune to all petrification build-up being inflicted.

Petrification SourcesEdit

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