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Pilgrim Bellclaire
Bellclaire Portrait

Pilgrim Bellclaire is a phantom in Dark Souls II.


Pilgrim Bellclaire is a white phantom available for summoning in the Lost Bastille area. A cleric wielding both a catalyst and a chime, she is useful to a certain degree against the Ruin Sentinels, but only as a ranged ally. While she is capable of casting Soul Arrows and Soul Spears, which provide a welcome distraction against three-on-one odds, she will fall quickly should she be caught in the crossfire of two or more of the sentinels in a melee situation. 

Unfortunately, Bellclaire has a tendency to jump down from the ledge where the first Ruin Sentinel is fought, often leading to her own demise.


Her sign is located in a cell immediately before the Ruin Sentinels fog gate.

Her sign is also present before the dual Dragonslayer boss fight in the Drangleic Castle.

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