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Poison is a negative status effect caused by weapons, spells, or attacks from certain enemies within the game.


If Poison is inflicted on the player, a status bar will appear on the HUD indicating current level of buildup. Once the bar fills up, the effect procs, inflicting the player with slow damage over time. Poison has two different strains, depending on the source.

Environmental PoisonEdit

Environmental Poison occurs when the source is a world entity or an environmental hazard; that is, a source that is not an enemy player. Examples include the swamp in Farron Keep, the attacks of Ghrus and Smouldering Ghrus, the spitting statues in the Cathedral of the Deep and the swamp area of Earthen Peak.

While under the effects of Environmental Poison, the player takes 3 points of damage per second for 178 seconds, or 2 minutes and 58 seconds. Left unchecked, Environmental Poison can deal a total of 537 damage.

Player PoisonEdit

Player Poison occurs when the source of the Poison proc is an enemy player or NPC. It is significantly deadlier than Environmental Poison, as it deals more damage over a shorter duration.

While under the effects of Player Poison, the player takes 7 damage per second, plus between 0.05% and 0.1% of their maximum HP, over the course of 90 seconds, or 1 minute and 30 seconds. If not treated, Player Poison can inflict a total of 630 damage plus 5-10% of the target's maximum HP.

Player Poison may be inflicted by any of the following sources:

Storyteller's Staff PoisonEdit

A special source of Player Poison, the Poison Spores skill of the Storyteller's Staff is significantly more potent than regular Player Poison, as its damage is calculated as a percentage of the target's maximum HP, much like Pestilent Mist. However, the drawback is that the Storyteller's Staff is the only possible source of this special type of Poison, the cloud exuded by the staff has a very short range and the skill can leave the wielder vulnerable to retaliation if not used properly.

Cures for PoisonEdit

Poison buildup can be cleared, and the effect removed if it has procced, by the following means:

The following means allow the player to increase their resistance to Poison buildup, helping to delay it from proccing:

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