For the Dark Souls III variant, see Porcine Shield (Dark Souls III).

The Porcine Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A strangely porcine shield.
The pig head looks eerily authentic, but it is an imitation. Though the shield's defensive capacity is ordinary, it may spook an unsuspecting foe.


Found in a chest after the Smelter Demon boss fight in the Iron Keep.

Characteristics Edit

The Porcine Shield is a terribly ineffective piece of equipment. It has extremely low physical, elemental, and resistance defenses, as well as poor stability. Even though the description claims that this shield may spook opponents, this is completely untrue, as the Porcine Shield is simply absent of any special effects.

Due to these facts, this shield is believed to be a "joke item", placed in the game as gear that will not exceed any other gear of its category in any traits, very similar to the Handmaid's Ladle.



  • The Porcine Shield is allegedly based on the Marcus Shield, which was the community pick winner for the Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest, but which was found to be plagiarized from existing art.
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