Possessed Armors are an enemy in Dark Souls II. They appear in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC.


General InformationEdit

Possessed Armors are suits of armor brought to life by Nadalia, Bride of Ash. They wield Possessed Armor Swords and Possessed Armor Greatbows, and will switch between the two of them depending on how close the player is.


Possessed Armors are strong enemies found throughout Brume Tower. Their melee range attacks deal heavy damage to health and stamina, and can be difficult to interrupt due to their high poise and long range. Their attacking moveset is very peculiar and difficult to predict, the most characteristic (and dangerous) one being when they perform a slow overhead swing with their sword, which apparently renders them immobile on the floor, just to unexpectedly perform a twisting slash which covers all the immediate area around it.

Their ranged attacks are far more threatening, however, as they are deadly accurate with their powerful greatbows, tracking the player's movement perfectly before firing. It's recommended to engage them with caution, either by destroying them from afar or by using heavy-hitting melee weapons to break their poise. Should it be behind cover or a low wall, the Possessed Armor will send its bow arm floating above it, giving a clear shot on the player. Keeping an eye on the greatbow should prevent nasty surprises.


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