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The Power Stance is a player ability in Dark Souls II. This feature gives the ability to use both equipped weapons at the same time. It is activated when the player tries to two-hand his left hand weapon. New moves and combinations are now possible. The player must have 1.5x the required amount of strength and dexterity (rounded up) listed on the weapons. If requirements are not met, or the weapons are incompatible with each other, then the left weapon is held with both hands instead.

Weapon CombosEdit

Not all weapons are compatible with each other. This table lists the weapons that can be used together with Power Stance. Combos marked with an "x" are usable.

Axe Claw Curved Greatsword Curved Sword Dagger Fist Greataxe Great Hammer Greatsword Halberd Hammer Katana Thrusting Sword Straight Sword Spear Twinblade Ultra Greatsword Whip
Axe x x x x x x x
Claw x x
Curved Greatsword x x x x x
Curved Sword x x x x x x x x x
Dagger x x x x x x
Fist x
Greataxe x x x x x x x
Great Hammer x x x x x x x
Greatsword x x x x x x x
Halberd x x
Hammer x x x x x x x
Katana x x x x x x x x
Thrusting Sword x x x x x x
Straight Sword x x x x x x x
Spear x x x x x x
Twinblade x x
Ultra Greatsword x x x x x
Whip x

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