Praying Hollow Soldiers are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

More a sad commentary on the state of undead existence than actual foe, Praying Hollow Soldiers appear along the walls of Lothric and in a few other places throughout the land.




Item Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Large Titanite Shard
Titanite Chunk (DSIII)
Titanite Chunk
Broken Straight Sword (DSIII)
Broken Straight Sword
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???


  • They will not attack unless provoked.
  • Bare fists can stagger them due to their weakness.
  • Can be rallied into a fight by a screaming hollow carrying a lantern.
  • Occasionally, a half-naked praying hollow soldier will attempt to transform into a Pus of Man but can be killed before/during the animation with a quick backstab.
  • They will curl up if combat is engaged near them.
  • If attacking, their move set is to flail their arms with a Broken Straight Sword equipped.

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