Not to be confused with Prowling Magus and Congregation.

The Prowling Magus is an enemy in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Warlocks in Aldia gave rise to wicked things, and even cast forbidden rituals upon themselves.
No one knows if they were born mad, or if their own misdeeds drove them over the edge.[1]


Located past the Rise of the Dead bonfire in the Shrine of Amana. The player must be hollowed in order to open the door to proceed.

In Scholar of the First Sin, one can be found in Aldia's Keep, in the room on the right of the main hallway (Aldia Key required).


The Prowling Magus near the Rise of the Dead bonfire acts in the very same way as the boss encountered in Brightstone Cove. The Magus has low poise and is easily staggered, so attacking in quick succession will quickly take care of this foe.


Uses the same attacks as its counterpart, fires dark orbs at the player and performs an area-of-effect dark blast. This version also equips a Cursed Bone Shield.


Item Warlock Mask
Warlock Mask
Cursed Bone Shield
Cursed Bone Shield
Wilted Dusk Herb
Wilted Dusk Herb
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???



  1. Warlock Mask description.

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