Puncture is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Pull the arrow further back for a more powerful shot that can also pierce shields.


The player takes out an arrow, holds their bow forward and slowly tenses the string, unleashing a powerful shot that deals increased damage, pierces through shields and may even knock enemies down.

Consumes 9 FP per arrow fired, so it should be used with moderation and in specific situations.


Press and hold the Left Strong Attack button (PlayStation - L2 - 01 / Xbox 360 - Trigger Left - 01), then tap the Right Weak Attack button (PlayStation - R1 - 01 / Xbox 360 - Bumper Right - 01) to shoot each arrow. Can also be used while zooming-in.

Single playerEdit

A very useful ability, especially for skilled archers. Suitable for taking down Corvian Storytellers from a distance and avoid them alerting their flock. Since this skill also has the capability of knocking enemies down, it may also come in handy for shooting that elusive and out of reach Crystal Lizard, knocking it on its back with the first shot and setting it ready to be finished with a second one.

The Dragonrider Bow, the most powerful bow in the game, possesses this skill. Successfully performing a headshot once this weapon has been upgraded can deal extreme damage.

Online gameplayEdit

Skilled snipers may make good use of this ability. Equipping the Obscuring Ring and holding position on a lookout point may take opponents by surprise, allowing to deal considerable damage before they even know what hit them.

In certain instances, enemies can be knocked down from bridges or narrow ledges, delivering an easy victory.


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