Puncturing Arrow is a skill in Dark Souls III. It is exclusive to greatbows.

In-Game Description

Masterfully fires off a great arrow that pierces through all enemies in its path, inflicting damage.


The wielder readies the greatbow, entering a prepared firing stance and holding steady; moving will cancel this stance. Upon selecting the ammo type of choice, the wielder enters an un-interruptible animation where they ready the greatarrow and loose it after a short period of time. The arrow will gain increased travel distance and damage, and will penetrate any enemies it hits while knocking them down, allowing it to damage multiple foes with a single shot.

If used without the required FP, the arrows will deal less damage than regular shots and inflict reduced knockback but will still penetrate.


Single playerEdit

As the player cannot nock the arrow and hold it for a prepared shot, good timing and prediction is required to use this skill against moving targets. However, the increased damage and penetrating nature of the shot makes it extremely useful for dealing with crowds of enemies, particularly if they can be funneled through a single approach, such as down a narrow hallway.

Be mindful as since the shot cannot be cancelled once the firing animation begins, caution should be exercised against fast enemies that can quickly close the distance.


Other players will generally not stand around waiting to be shot with a greatbow, and can easily dodge the shots that they can see coming, so the primary use of this skill is through ambushes with the Obscuring Ring. This skill allows invaders to get a powerful first strike in on unwary hosts and summoned phantoms, helping to narrow their Estus advantage before properly engaging them. Keep in mind that it is incapable of dealing significant damage through raised shields, so against wary parties it may be useful to try to strike them from the sides or behind.