Pus of Man are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Exploding from the bodies of unfortunate undead, this consuming chaos corruption manifests itself as an amorphous black blob, vaguely resembling some horrific beast in silhouette, but with no recognizable shape.[1]


Pus of Man are hollows that have been corrupted by the Abyss. Upon detecting the player, they are consumed by a mass of black tentacles and transform into horrific abominations. They gain a massive claw like appendage and a new red-eyed serpentine head (something that resembles both Manus and the Primordial Serpents) grows from their back, the infected hollows body is visible among the corruption. The Pus of Man in the Consumed King's Garden are already transformed when the player encounters them.

Whilst the majority of Pus of Man are infected Hollows, there are exceptions. Iudex Gundyr will transform halfway through the boss fight and the twin wyverns in Lothric Castle will transform once they have been slain. The version inside the wyverns is unable to move and can only spit poison from a distance that causes curse.



Note: This section relies heavily on speculation. Very few facts are offered in game to substantiate most of the information here.

The Pus of Man vaguely resemble serpents with twisting ivory horns protruding from their body at random intervals. Serpents are considered imperfect dragons[2] and were at some point a symbol of the Undead. The dragon correlation would explain the presence of the horns, and the connection to the Undead might give a clue to the corruption's origins. The soul of Manus, Father of the Abyss was a "viscous, lukewarm lump of gentle humanity".[3] When Manus' humanity went wild, he became a raving beast and began to emanate the Dark, giving birth to the Abyss. It's possible that the Pus of Man are humanities similarly gone wild.


Pus of Man are very vulnerable to fire damage, which will cause them to writhe in agony for a few moments, giving the player time to attack or escape. Close ranged combat is risky but they have difficulty turning, so attacking them from behind is a good way to inflict damage, although they will attempt to re-position themselves if given the chance. Their destructive rampages often damage and outright kill surrounding enemies which can be effective if the player is surrounded and they are unable to climb ledges.

Unless the player wishes to farm these enemies for their items (they often drop Embers and Titanite Chunks), it is recommended to kill the infected Hollow before it can transform. The enemy will convulse and start emitting dark spores before it mutates, giving the player time to defeat or at least damage the creature before it can complete the transformation.



  • Some Pus of Man have a guaranteed item drop the first time they are defeated, although these can only be acquired if the host hollow is allowed to transform first.
  • Even if defeated, some hollows which contained these creatures may respawn if the player exits and continues the game; however, they will just start their transforming animation and then vanish from the map.
  • Their attacks can damage Dark Spirits and other enemies.
  • Can be rapported. Transformation breaks up that effect.
  • Can be lured using Alluring Skull.
  • Pus of Man is an abyssal enemy, therefore he is weak to Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight's Greatsword.



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