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For the Dark Souls variant, see Pyromancy Flame.

The Pyromancy Flame is a pyromancy flame in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A Flame catalyst used by Pyromancers. Pyromancers rouse this flame to produce various fire arts.
Equip pyromancy flame to produce pyromancies. Attune pyromancies at a bonfire.
The strength of a pyromancy depends on the strength of one's pyromancy flame, which can be improved through reinforcement.


The Pyromancy Flame is found inside a chest, after defeating the Flexile Sentry boss, in No-Man's Wharf.


The Pyromancy Flame is one of only two catalysts in the game that can cast Pyromancies (the other being the Dark Pyromancy Flame). Initially, it is weaker than the Dark Pyromancy Flame, but when fully upgraded, it attains a similar (if not slightly stronger) strength level.

Unlike the Dark Pyromancy Flame, the Pyromancy Flame does not suffer a damage penalty when in human form, making it more useful for online play. Unlike all other catalysts, the Pyromancy Flame cannot be infused with its own element (in this case, Fire).

The Pyromancy Flame can also be used as a Strike weapon, though it will deal little damage.


Requires: Pyromancy Flame, Fire Seed and 2,000 souls for Infusion.
Standard Variation Attack Values Bonus Damage Reduction
Icon DaSII PhyAtkWpn Icon DaSII MagAtkWpn Icon DaSII FireAtkWpn Icon DaSII LtnAtkWpn Icon DaSII DarkAtkWpn Icon DaSII PsnAtkWpn Icon DaSII BldAtkWpn Icon DaSII Str Bonus Icon DaSII Dex Bonus Icon DaSII Mag Bonus Icon DaSII Fire Bonus Icon DaSII Ltn Bonus Icon DaSII Dark Bonus Icon DaSII PhyRed Icon DaSII MagRed Icon DaSII FireRed Icon DaSII LtnRed Icon DaSII DarkRed Icon DaSII PsnRed Icon DaSII BldRed
Pyromancy Flame 125 A 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +1 137 A 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +2 150 A 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +3 163 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +4 175 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +5 188 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +6 200 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +7 212 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +8 225 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +9 237 S 25 5 30 20 20
Pyromancy Flame +10 250 S 25 5 30 20 20

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