The Queen of Lothric is a mentioned character in Dark Souls III.


The Queen was married to King Oceiros, and had at least three children with him[citation needed]: Lorian, Lothric and Ocelotte. She seemed to have a special relationship with Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, who was the Queen's personal holy maiden; it is said that Gertrude was, in fact, also the Queen's child[1].

She was initially revered as a goddess of fertility and bounty.[2] The Queen alone cared for the warriors in the Untended Graves, blessing them with holy water and good fortune[3] as well as entrusting them with the Ashen Estus Ring.

After giving birth to her youngest, Ocelotte, she is said to have quietly disappeared.[2]


  • It is speculated that the Queen is in fact Gwynevere, who was also revered as a goddess of fertility and bounty[4]. Blessings attributed to the Queen were once attributed to Gwynevere.


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