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The Quelana Pyromancy Tome is a key item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A pyromancy tome of Quelana containing her unique spells. These pyromancies can only be taught by a female master.
Give to a female pyromancy master to learn Quelana's pyromancies.
Quelana, the sole surviving witch of Izalith, once accepted a human pupil, but after the pupil moved on, she never took another.


Found in the Smouldering Lake.

From the Demon Ruins bonfire, follow a nearby corridor that leads to a room with two Demon Clerics. Drop down and follow a passageway nearby containing several Hound Rats. Hitting the wall directly opposite to this corridor reveals an illusory wall (the wall can be identified by a blue glow). The corpse of a giant spider-humanoid lies behind it, along with the tome.


Giving the tome to Karla in Firelink Shrine unlocks the following pyromancies for purchase:


  • As the name implies, this tome belonged to Quelana of Izalith. Additionally, the pyromancies it unlocks were all unique to Quelana.
  • The giant spider-humanoid corpse most likely belongs to Quelaag's Sister, and the smaller humanoid corpse embracing it may be Quelana's.

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