Quickstep is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. Especially effective when locked on to target.


Skill commonly found in Daggers and other small weapons. The player performs a quick leap in the direction of movement, facilitating easily getting into enemies' blind spots. It is effective against enemies hiding behind Shields or simply to have better mobility while in combat. Quicksteps have less recovery than rolls, however players will suffer from Instability immediately after dodge frames.

Only consumes 5 FP (4 FP in the Manikin Claws' case), which allows its frequent use throughout an encounter to keep adversaries off-balance.

Certain enemies can be seen to make frequent use of this skill, like Thralls and Hollow Assassins, in an attempt to surround the player and allow other foes to enter the battle to attack them from all sides.


Single playerEdit

Generally Quickstep is not overly useful against non-human enemies, as normal rolls will suffice much of the time; as well, rolls do not cost FP, which is a much more limited resource outside of invasions and duels. However, when traversing deep water that forces the player to walk and fat-roll (Farron Keep, Cathedral of the Deep), Quickstep can be useful for negating the negative impact on movement, allowing for easier exploration.

Online gameplayEdit

Quickstep can be useful when facing opponents wielding ultra weapons, as an Ultra Greatsword or a Great Hammer will have a very hard time hitting anybody with quick reactions. However, be wary that faster weapons like Curved Swords have wide horizontal swings that can catch players to the side and inflict bonus damage due to Instability.


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