The Rapier Champion is an enemy character in Dark Souls III.


A enemy deprived of most clothing, although that does not make him any less dangerous. He can only be summoned by the second Man Serpent Summoner in Archdragon Peak, shortly before reaching the Great Belfry.



Summoned infinitely by the second Man Serpent Summoner in Archdragon Peak, in a room located after the big open area with the second Ancient Wyvern and before reaching the Great Belfry.


A very dangerous enemy that can easily break through the strongest defenses. He has rather low poise, however, and this weakness should be exploited.

It is recommended to rush up to finish the Man Serpent Summoner first, as battling both enemies can be very risky. If this is not possible, the player may opt to lure the champion toward the Great Belfry, as the summoner will remain back and there will be no other enemies around, thus allowing to face him alone.

Alternatively, as soon as he is summoned, the player should make haste and receive him with a backstab. Care should be taken, though, as most likely the summoner will start unleashing barrages of homing spells; the first of these may be completely negated if caught during the backstabbing animation, however.

If it's not possible to finish the champion after the initial attack, then the player should hurry in killing the summoner while he's still recovering.

While in combat, the champion will constantly perform his rapier's skill, Ricard's Lunge and Press, where he unleashes quick three-stabbing barrages, culminating with a powerful lunge. The player may attempt to parry this attack, but if unsuccessful, they will sustain heavy damage. Alternatively, they may opt to roll behind him while he is performing this move, and while he finishes, backstab him.


Item Ricard's Rapier (DSIII)
Ricard's Rapier
Drop Rate Guaranteed



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