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For the covenant, see Rat King (covenant).

The Rat King is a character in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by Steven Pacey.


The Rat King can be found in two locations, the Grave of Saints and the Doors of Pharros. He will appear to the player in the rooms found after the boss fights.


The Rat King is the leader of the Rat King covenant. To reach him, the player must defeat the Royal Rat Vanguard in the Grave of Saints, or the Royal Rat Authority in the Doors of Pharros. He will appear in the room directly behind the boss arenas and if the player joins the covenant, he will grant them the Crest of the Rat, allowing them to defend the Grave of Saints.

He looks nearly identical to the standard rats; however, he possesses the ability to communicate with the player. Personality wise, he seems to be opportunistic, as when spoken to after conquering a burrow, he offers the player a chance to join him in spite of his subjects being killed. The more Rat Tails that are offered, the kinder and less loathing toward humans he becomes. He also even mentions peace between the rats and humans, showing more care toward the future of his kind and kingdom than spitefulness.


The Rat King is the leader of the rats. In ages past, the Rat King struck an accord with a human chieftain which stated that the humans would rule the lands lapped by the sun's rays and the rats all that was below. However, humans broke their promise and hunted the rats down in their burrows. This left the Rat King bitter and hateful toward humans, declaring them to be nothing more than fools, liars and cheaters.

If the Bearer of the Curse can conquer one of the Rat King's burrows, he will permit them to serve him, despite the fact they are human. If they serve him well, it may prove to the Rat King that not all humans are worthless and give him hope that perhaps rats and humans may one day coexist in peace together once more.



Corrosive Urn
Corrosive Urn
Dung Pie II
Dung Pie
Common Fruit
Common Fruit
Red Leech Troches
Red Leech Troches
Triclops Snake Troches
Triclops Snake Troches
Souls 700 600 1,600 1,600 2,000


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