Razorback Nightcrawlers are in Dark Souls II.


Immense, hard-shelled invertebrates that dig deep burrows from which they launch crushing blows at intruders. They have been seen to inhabit deep, dark chasms, mainly the Black Gulch and the Cave of the Dead.


Ranged weapons will make short work of them as they only attack near the hole from which they came from.

Do not stand in front of the holes they come out of, especially near the chasm, as the Razorback Crawler will attempt to knock you over the edge.

When using melee, the Razorback Nightcrawler cannot reach you if stand near the base of the burrow while you attack.


These foes are encountered at Black Gulch. There is also a darker variant with greater health encountered in Cave of the Dead.


  • Body Press: The Razorback Crawler rears up, then attempts to flatten the player under it's weight.
  • Hip Check: Thrashes at either side horizontally.
  • Rush: Charges straight ahead in attempt to ram the player over the edge, or momentarily block them.
  • Burrow Rush: Retreats into it's hole, then charges straight back out in an attempt to ram the player over the edge, or momentarily block them.

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