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The Red Iron Twinblade is a twinblade in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A twinblade fashioned with heavy blades on each end. More suited to smashing enemies than slashing them.
Requires a great deal of muscle to wield artfully. The twinblade closely imitates the design of a foreign-made weapon that has blades affixed to both ends of its hilt.


Found in the Shrine of Amana, on a corpse surrounded by shrine maidens, directly after emerging from the cave at Rhoy's resting place bonfire.


The Red Iron Twinblade is unique, in that it is the only twinblade that scales purely with the player's strength. While it holds the highest poise damage and durability out of all twinblades, it is also the second heaviest (the first being the Dragonrider Twinblade).

One of the Red Iron Twinblade's greatest assets is its single handed strong attack, which offers a surprisingly fast jab that deals a large amount of damage, which is then followed with a slashing swing.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Bring the twinblade up and swing down right to left into a spinning slash with the blades out in front.
Strong Attack
Place the back blade under the armpit and thrust forward into a sweeping left-to-right slash.
Weak Attack
Raise the blade for an overhead sweeping right-to left slash into a blade spin out in front.
Strong Attack
Raise the blade over the head and spin twice, then strike out in front into a double spin slash.
Jump Attack Jump forward and thrust the blade into the ground.
Jump Attack
Jump forward and thrust the blade into the ground.
Running Attack Raise the blade and strike down left-to-right.
Running Attack
Charge forward with the blade held back and bring up to slash down right-to-left.
Rolling Attack Hold the blade sideways and slash upward.
Rolling Attack
Spin around and slash.
Kick Step forward and slap at an opponent's shield.
Step forward and slap at an opponent's shield.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack


Upgrades with titanite shards and has a strength scaling of A at +10.


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