The Red Rust Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Shield of the warrior Vengarl of Forossa.
The chisels on the face were carved by Vengarl, to count the heads he claimed. The shield is terribly rusted and worn, but incredibly powerful, as if the deeds of its previous owner have rubbed off on it.


Sold by Vengarl of Forossa for 4,500 souls in the Shaded Woods along with the Red Rust Sword and Red Rust Scimitar after his body has been defeated.


When looking at the stats of the Red Rust Shield, one might think this is a rather worthless shield, and to a certain point it is, as it provides little to no elemental, Curse or Petrification defenses and its stability is average at best. It also doesn't help that this shield can only be upgraded with Twinkling Titanite.

However, this shield draws a comparison to the Old Knight Greatshield, as it has very high Poison and Bleed resistances for less than half its weight and with much more durability. As such, it can be used effectively in areas where poison and bleed damage are a recurring hazards, such as Huntsman's Copse and Earthen Peak.

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