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Repair is a sorcery in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Ancient sorcery of the lost land of Oolacile. Repair equipped weapons and armor.
This sorcery was part of everyday life in Oolacile. Its effects resembles Repair Powder, which must have found its way into the culture of this lost land.


General InformationEdit

Repairs equipped weapons and armor by 150 durability. It does not repair weapons and armor in the player's inventory. It won't repair crystal weapons, but it will repair the Crystalline Set.


While it is possible to use Repair simply to save cost of regular bonfire repairs, it is more useful when used to extend the life of fragile weapons (such as the Washing Pole) or weapons that use durability for special abilites (such as the Drake Sword). Due to its single use, it is possible to have the spell equipped in the attunement slot granted by a Darkmoon Seance Ring or White Seance Ring, casting the spell and removing the ring (and instead, equipping another desired ring) effectively gives the player a free Repair at no expense.

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