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Replenishment is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Common miracle amongst cleric knights. Gradual HP restoration.
Beware of the cleric knight blessed by Replenishment, for he shall not fall easily.


Reah of Thorolund gives this miracle to the player in exchange for freeing her followers, Vince and Nico, from their torment as hollows. These three are encountered early on in the Tomb of the Giants.

General informationEdit

As its name suggests, the Replenishment miracle steadily replenishes lost HP. The user recovers 10 HP/second for a minute, or 600 HP in total.

Replenishment benefits from miracle synergy. It replenishes 20% more health with the synergy boost, and 40% more health with double synergy.


Replenishment is a useful counter to the effects of poison and toxic. It is also useful to cast this miracle before a major encounter so that any HP the player loses are swiftly recovered.

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