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The Ring of Thorns is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Ring granted protection by Kremmel, god of Struggle.
The ring´s spikes drive into the wearer´s skin, so that each blow taken fuels spite toward the perpetrator.
When damage is taken, the ring retaliates and inflicts damage upon enemy.


  • The regular version is obtained by either killing Pate or completing his questline.
  • The +2 version is obtained by invading and defeating 1,000 other players.


  • After taking a certain amount of damage it shoots 3 spikes in a wide frontal angle.
  • Although it doesn´t do as much damage as the Old Sun Ring it is much quicker and unpredictable.
  • Mostly intended for PvP.
  • It seems that the method to acquire the third version of this ring is in reference to Kirk, Knight of Thorns, as he was an invader, supposedly belonging to the Darkwraith, who would invade the player multiple times.

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