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For the Dark Souls III equivalent, see Untrue Dark Ring.

The Ring of the Dead is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The wearer of this ring appears human even when hollow.
They say that in the Undead Crypt, we can reacquaint ourselves with the dead. We all suffer loss. And none of us can escape death. Then, what is the fascination with reclaiming that which has already passed into the beyond?


The Ring of the Dead is found in Drangleic Castle, in a room accessed by using the elevator before the Looking Glass Knight boss fight. In order to get the ring, the Milfanito in the cage must be freed by using the Key to the Embedded on the door. When talked to, she will scream and then disappear, leaving the Ring of the Dead as a drop.

General InformationEdit

The ring makes its wearer appear human regardless of hollowing. The effect is purely cosmetic however, meaning that the ring has no practical use.

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