For the Dark Souls variant, see Ring of the Evil Eye.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Ring of the Evil Eye (Dark Souls II).

The Ring of the Evil Eye is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

This ring captured the foul spirit of an evil eye, a creature that ravaged Astora.
Absorb HP from each defeated foe.
The horrid spirit nearly destroyed Astora, but was eventually defeated by "the sword of one most noble."



  • Ring of the Evil Eye: Restores 30 HP per enemy killed.
  • Ring of the Evil Eye+1: Restores 33 HP per enemy killed.
  • Ring of the Evil Eye+2: Restores 35 HP per enemy killed.
  • Ring of the Evil Eye+3: Restores 37 HP per enemy killed.


The Ring of the Evil Eye is an excellent way of conserving healing items or spells and excels when used against groups of weak enemies due to healing the same amount regardless of how powerful the enemy is. For this same reason, it is far less effective when fighting tough enemies, and is almost completely useless against most bosses.

Any enemy dying will activate the effect, including ones that die due to other players or the environment. However, other players dying will not activate the effect, even if the wearer dealt the killing blow. Additionally, the heal doesn't account for multikills, meaning enemies should be killed one at a time for maximum efficiency.

The effect can be stacked with Arstor's Spear to heal an additional 30 HP per kill.

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