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"Mm, Unkindled, are we... And fast on the trail of the Lords absconded?"
— Ringfinger Leonhard

Ringfinger Leonhard is a character in Dark Souls III.



Leonhard first appears in Firelink Shrine after either lighting the Tower on the Wall bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric or defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley. He will give the player five Cracked Red Eye Orbs and encourage them to invade other players to collect Embers.

After defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood or lighting the Cliff Underside bonfire in the Undead Settlement, speaking to Leonhard with at least one Pale Tongue will cause him to give the player the Lift Chamber Key.

The key is used to open a locked door in the High Wall of Lothric underneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire. Killing the Darkwraith in the chamber will reward the player with the Red Eye Orb. Leonhard will congratulate the player and encourage them to join Rosaria's Fingers.

Once the player offers Rosaria a Pale Tongue, Leonhard will appear outside her chamber in the Cathedral of the Deep, where he briefly greets the player.

If the player has defeated Yhorm the Giant and joined Rosaria's Fingers, Leonhard becomes paranoid that they will try and steal Rosaria's soul and murders her before fleeing to Anor Londo. The player can find a Black Eye Orb on her remains, which can be used to invade Leonhard's world in the chamber once containing the illusion of Gwynevere.

He will drop the Soul of Rosaria, his Silver Mask and the Crescent Moon Sword once slain. The player can then revive Rosaria and purchase Leonhard's Set from the Shrine Handmaid.


Item Soul of Rosaria
Soul of Rosaria
Crescent Moon Sword
Crescent Moon Sword
Silver Mask
Silver Mask
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(Anor Londo)
(Anor Londo)

Dialogue Edit

Introduction "Mm, Unkindled, are we... And fast on the trail of the Lords absconded? Then these red eyes are for you."

"Use them to pillage embers, and briefly heighten your strength, for your duty.
What else are Unkindled ashes good for?"

After a Pale Tongue has been obtained "Well, hasn't it been some time. I'm Leonhard, the Ringfinger. Remember me?  I slipped you those red eyes some time ago. You're making quite an effort of it. So I thought you might like to know. If you yearn for a proper red eye orb, one that is uncracked... Then kill the Darkwraith, survivor of the land swallowed by darkness. He has been a prisoner, for many ages. In the deepest cell in all Lothric..."

"I can see it in your eyes.  If you didn't invade, didn't pillage, whatever would you do?"

After the Red Eye Orb has been obtained "Ah-hah, you've found a proper red eye... Brilliant. I knew you were no ordinary man/woman."

"Now invade and pillage all you like. And if you grow weary of your duty, you, too, may become a Finger. Come on, give yourself to Rosaria, of the Cathedral of the Deep."

After joining Rosiaria's Fingers in Rosiaria's Bed Chamber "Ahh, so you've chosen to serve Rosaria after all. She will be pleased with me for finding her another Finger... But be warned, my friend. Rosaria's Fingers need only fetch tongues for their mistress. Otherwise, we are free, unchained. Like Yellowfinger, you can choose to believe that all Fingers share camaraderie. But do not force your romance on the rest of us."
When attacked "What's wrong with you?"

"Can you even hear me? If you can, cease this at once. Before it's too late."

"I see, I see, as clear as day. You are a vile, starved beast. Much too dangerous for her!"

Killing the player "You beast. You've trifled with the wrong knight."
Upon death "Curses, I can't... die here...  My dear Goddess..."
When invading him in Anor Londo "Well, well, never expected to see you here. Felt sorry for the poor thing, in all her festering glory? And now you want to ravage her soul, as well. I sowed the seeds. I'll prune the mess. I, Leonhard, swear so upon my vows to the goddess."

"No one will despoil her soul. Certainly no beast wrapped in human skin!"

"What do you want with her soul? Isn't flesh enough for a sick beast?!" 

Killing the player's phantom "Enough with you, my friend. A knight of the goddess does not die."
When invading him in Anor Londo having been previously killed "Well, well, back for more, are you? Vicious one, aren't you? I knew it all along. And now you want to ravage her soul, as well."

"You are no longer of use. You'll run free no more. I, Leonhard, swear so upon my vows to the goddess."

Upon death during the invasion "Blessed Rosaria..."

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