Rock Lizards are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Rock Lizards are probably an evolution of normal Crystal Lizards, although they don't display the characteristic prisms encrusted on their bodies like their smaller brethren do, nor their ravenous counterparts.

They move slowly toward the player and will perform either a head stomp or breath a short stream of fire. However, if they are far away, they will usually curl themselves up and roll toward their foes at great speed.


Found throughout various areas in Archdragon Peak after the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum.


Rock Lizards are easily disposed of when alone, but may become a threat in groups. They usually perform one attack at a time, so it is a good strategy to let them attack first, blocking if they perform a headbutt or moving away if they breath fire.

Caution must be taken when they start rolling, as this attack has very good tracking and may hit the player even if they try to get out of the way. Roll to a side just as the lizard is about to make contact to evade it. This attack becomes much more dangerous in close quarters, where the lizard may end up locking the player in place while running them over, dealing continuous damage.

An easy method to dispose of them is to kick them toward a cliff. The lizard will be sent rolling backward and fall to its demise.


Item Twinkling Titanite (DSIII)
Twinkling Titanite
Titanite Scale
Titanite Scale
Drop Rate ??? ???


  • Kicking these enemies will send them rolling backward.

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