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Rogues are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Three variants appear in Huntsman's Copse.


Hollowed thieves wearing torn attires and wielding either a club, a bow, or dual-wielding a shortsword with a dagger.

The bow-wielding variant shoots Poison Arrows.


Despite their worn and withered appearance and posture, Rogues are surprisingly agile, and can rapidly unleash a barrage of attacks. However, should their attacks miss or be blocked, they leave themselves open for counter-strikes. Their threat level rises excessively in groups of two or more, because it enables them to trap players in each other's combo attacks.

The bow variants of Rogues will constantly lay down suppressive fire on the player. The shots of which are fast and difficult to dodge. If approached, they will switch from bows to daggers.

Rogues are usually found in dark areas, in narrow passages, and hidden in corners, making them favor the element of surprise.


Item Rouge Water
Rouge Water
Throwing Knife II
Throwing Knife ×3
Flame Butterfly
Flame Butterfly
Poison Arrow II
Poison Arrow ×3
Drop Rate Common Common Common Common
(Bow Wielder)
Item Thief Dagger
Thief Dagger
Broken Thief Sword
Broken Thief Sword
Short Bow II
Short Bow
Club II
Drop Rate Uncommon
(Dagger Wielder)
(Dagger Wielder)
(Bow Wielder)
(Club Wielder)
Item Rogue Hood
Rogue Hood
Rogue Armor
Rogue Armor
Rogue Gauntlets
Rogue Gauntlets
Rogue Leggings
Rogue Leggings
Drop Rate Rare Rare Rare Rare


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