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Rotunda Lockstone
Rotunda Lockstone
Drop from Licia of Lindeldt in Majula
Unlocks contraption in Majula.

The Rotunda Lockstone is a key item in Dark Souls II

In-Game Description

A stone which rotates the Majula Rotunda.
Insert into the central pillar to align
the rotunda with a different passageway.
Nothing magical about it,
but a fine feat of engineering.


It's a lockstone similar to the Pharros' Lockstone but it only unlocks the one contraption in Majula so that the player may gain entrance to Huntsman's Copse.


Dropped by Licia of Lindelt. If she is killed by knocking her off a ledge, the player simply needs to rest at a bonfire, or leave the area and return, and the item will be waiting to be picked up.

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