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The Royal Soldier's Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A ring bearing a soldier's seal.
Increases the load that can be carried.
These rings were granted to warriors who distinguished themselves in the service of King Vendrick. The king favored simple warriors who staked their every battle on strength alone.



Raises the player's Maximum Equip Load by 10,15, or 20% depending on the variant.


  • The ring appears to depict the Elite Knight Helm.
  • The Royal Soldier's Ring is comparable to the Havel's Ring, both in effect, lore and method of obtaining. This is due to the fact that both raise equip load, both are carried by trusted men of a king, and that they are both obtained by slaying a character that had special status given by their king, as Havel the Rock was a former compatriot and general of Lord Gwyn, and Velstadt was King Vendrick's right arm.

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