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"So, what say you to a spot of murder on my behalf? If you don't, I'll leave this place, and take more lives. Many more."
— Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan is a character, merchant and possible invader in Dark Souls II, found in Aldia's Keep. He's voiced by Blake Ritson, who previously voiced Griggs of Vinheim in Dark Souls.


Navlaan appears to be a kind young man suffering from possession by a malevolent entity, as he speaks in a gentle and timid voice to a human player and an evil, malicious voice to a hollowed player and refers to himself in the plural. His light persona also asks the player explicitly not to release him. The messages before the switch on the first floor warning the player to pull back, seem to refer to Navlaan and his dangerous dual nature.


A royal sorcerer was working on a research to devise powerful spells, hoping to bring new forms of magic to the world. However, something went wrong during the experiments, causing the creation of a malevolent entity who possessed the young sorcerer, causing him to develop a split personality. Said entity calls itself Navlaan.

One day, Navlaan took full control of the sorcerer's psyche and went on a murder spree. After the "good side" of the sorcerer woke up, he discovered all the murders that Navlaan had committed. Terrified for such acts and feeling partially responsible for what had transpired, the sorcerer sealed himself and Navlaan away behind a magic barrier.

The description for the hexes Scraps of Life and Darkstorm, states that Navlaan and his entire village were executed for fear of necromancy. Therefore, it is possible that either the malevolent entity is the spirit of Navlaan himself or the entity is a separate being that simply adopted the name of Navlaan.

Assassination questEdit

If the player speaks to Navlaan while hollow and before releasing him, he will ask the player to return bounties from four characters in exchange for rewards. The items from the bounties will not be taken out of the player's inventory upon presenting them to Navlaan. Completing all bounties will reward the player with the Chaos Set.

Target Item Reward
Laddersmith Gilligan
Laddersmith Gilligan
Ladder Miniature
Ladder Miniature
Ring Dispelling Ring
Dispelling Ring
15450512783 59484266b1 o
Cale the Cartographer
Cale's Helm
Cale's Helm
Simpleton's Spice
Simpleton's Spice
Felkin the Outcast
Felkin the Outcast
Sunset Staff
Sunset Staff
Forbidden Sun
Forbidden Sun
Emerald Herald Trailer 01
Emerald Herald
Aged Feather
Aged Feather
Unleash Magic
Unleash Magic

Tricking NavlaanEdit

All four characters can be spared by obtaining their item through different methods, the following are how each item is acquired without murdering the character:

Releasing NavlaanEdit

Navlaan can be freed by throwing a lever located on the opposite side of the room he's found at. Doing this will end his assassination quests and allow a dark spirit version of him to occasionally invade while human, each yielding a Human Effigy upon defeat.

If he is spoken to while Hollow now, he'll tell the player he's going to travel around the world, implying he'll continue murdering people indiscriminately throughout his journeys. If he is spoken to while human, his light persona will sell items.

Killing his human form at Aldia's Keep will prevent any further invasions from his dark spirit form.


If Navlaan is released, he will invade the player in the following locations:

Character informationEdit


*Will only sell to human player after freeing him. Will sell to a hollow players while still captive if all four assassination quests are completed.

Health and soulsEdit

Location Health Souls
Aldia's Keep 2,060 ??? 2,200 4,400
Dark Spirit ??? ??? 4,500 9,000


Item Chaos Hood
Chaos Hood
Drop Rate Guaranteed Dark Spirit[1]


  • Navlaan is able to cast hexes without use of a chime or staff.
  • Navlaan draws similarities to two characters from previous Souls games: the first one is Mephistopheles from Demon's Souls, as both characters have similar assassination quests. The second one is Kirk, Knight of Thorns from Dark Soulswho also invades the player several times during the game.
  • He has blue skin, similar to the Fenito, like Grave Warden Agdayne. It is, however, unknown whether the sorcerer is actually a Fenito or if the blueish skin is a side effect of Navlaan's possession.
  • The title "royal sorcerer" implies that the sorcerer previously worked either for Drangleic's Royal Court or for Lord Aldia (since he's found in Aldia's Keep).



  1. Only if the player is member of the Company of Champions covenant.

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