Royal Swordsmen are enemies in Dark Souls II.


These warriors formerly served in Vendrick's army during the war against the Giant, however very few survived the battles and the remainder succumbed to the undead curse. Despite turning hollow, they continue to defend their King's domain.


Royal Swordsmen are encountered in The Lost Bastille and Drangleic Castle. In Scholar of the First Sin edition they can be encountered in the Forest of Fallen Giants, just before the Pursuer's boss arena. They are often found in teams of around 3-4 soldiers and they will work together to overwhelm the player. They wield greatswords and crossbows.

Though both of them look alike, the Castle variant are more aggressive and can do more damage. Standing their ground when using the crossbow and switching weapons only when the player approaches within a few units of distance.


Royal Swordsmen are weak individually but they work in teams and can easily overwhelm the player if they trap them in a corner. Greatsword wielding soldiers will attempt to rush the player while their comrades armed with crossbows will open fire from a distance.

These enemies have low poise and are easily staggered. It is advisable to use ranged attacks to thin their numbers when they assault the player in a group. It is also worth noting that they are particularly weak to strike damage.


Item Lifegem
Radiant Lifegem
Radiant Lifegem
Common Fruit
Common Fruit
Royal Greatsword
Royal Greatsword
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Heavy Crossbow II
Heavy Crossbow
Royal Swordman Helm
Royal Swordsman Helm
Royal Swordsman Armor
Royal Swordsman Armor
Royal Swordsman Gloves
Royal Swordsman Gloves
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Royal Swordsman Leggings
Royal Swordsman Leggings
Drop Rate ???


Overhead Strike: Swings their sword over their head.

Combo: Swings their sword in a diagonal fashion twice in a row.

Pommel Bash: Strikes with the pommel of their greatsword.

Thrust: Performs a thrust with long reach.

Gallery Edit

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