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The Sacred Flame is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III.


Found inside a lava pool in the Smouldering Lake. Make way through the level until reaching the lowermost floor, past the area with several Basilisks and where Knight Slayer Tsorig attacks. The Sacred Flame lies on the left wall among the lava, the other item being an Ember.


A grab attack that requires a charge up. When connecting to an enemy that can be grabbed, places the player in a state like a critical attack, where the caster cannot be harmed. The player burns the target for light buildup damage before exploding into a high damage burst, blowing the target to the ground. When executed on a non-grabbable foe, does little damage.

How to obtainEdit

In order to survive the trip inside the lava, there are many strategies that can be followed and even combined before venturing inside. The main idea is to slow down the loss of HP enough time, allowing the player to heal up and advance a bit further, repeating the process as many times as necessary until they have successfully gotten the item and returned to solid ground. Each time the player's health reaches half of the HP bar, they should heal.

Here is a small list with just a few strategies to survive:

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