Sacred Lothric Light is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Assume stance to imbue sword with sacred light, and use strong attack to release light together with a great thrust of the sword.


The wielder enters a stance, charging the sword with holy power. A normal attack will perform an upward swing, dealing high stamina damage that can easily break the guard of shields. A strong attack will perform a quick thrust, sending forth a short-ranged beam of light.


Single PlayerEdit

This skill is essentially a modified version of Stance, where the weak attack can perform a guard break against a shield-wielding enemy and the strong attack can be used to attack targets at range. The strong attack can be handy for inflicting heavy damage on a target if they can be hit with both the sword thrust and the light beam.


Synergizing with the sword's long reach, the strong attack can be handy for catching foes off guard by hitting them when they think they're outside of the wielder's reach. The guard breaking normal attack is just as useful as on other straight swords, capable of easily knocking aside shields for a riposte.



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