The Sage's Crystal Staff is a staff in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Crystal catalyst presented as a gift by the Crystal Sages to their favorite pupil, Kriemhild.
Crystal spheres devour the will of the user, and this staff increases the potency of sorceries at the cost of increased FP consumption for Skills.
Skill: Steady Chant
Boosts the strength of sorceries for a very short period. Works while equipped in either hand.


Dropped by the Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild in the big courtyard after exiting the rooftops section of the Grand Archives. Care should be taken, as she attacks along with two other allies, Lion Knight Albert and Black Hand Kamui, and facing them all at once can be difficult. Luring them individually is recommended.


The Spell Buff of this staff, compared to other staves such as the Sorcerer's Staff and the Court Sorcerer's Staff, makes it inferior for dealing consistent damage. However, when Steady Chant is activated, it gets a 40% boost to spells as opposed to the regular 12.5% boost of other staves.

At 50+ Intelligence, this allows it to outperform the Court Sorcerer's Staff while it has Steady Chant active, although the damage difference is not of particular significance. This, combined with the reliance on Steady Chant and high FP consumption, makes this staff inefficient for regular use and more suited for burst damage.


Reinforced with Titanite Scale.


  • The Steady Chant in this staff costs much more FP to use, but is much more effective than regular Steady Chants.


  • The crystal ball on top of the staff is similar to those employed by the Crystal Sages.
    • Despite the implication that the use of these crystal spheres damages sanity, as implied in the description and possibly seen in the Sages, Kriemhild appears relatively sane.


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