Sage's Devouts are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Acolytes of the Crystal Sage, these hollowed mages guard the ruins leading to the boss. Although weak and lethargic, they can be dangerous opponents with their spells.

They are also members of Farron's Undead Legion.


Found in the Road of Sacrifices, guarding a few spots inside the ruined keep that leads to the Crystal Sage, and generally wandering about areas inhabited by several Sage's Prentices.


Devouts will alternate between casting Soul Arrow and Heavy Soul Arrow at a distance, which makes them dangerous enemies at range, especially as they are usually accompanied by several hollow warriors.

Their spells can be blocked by using the pillars and walls in the ruins while the player gets close to them, at which point they will either attempt to flee or attack with their staves. Due to their limited melee abilities, it is advised to eliminate them at close range.


Item Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem
Sorcerer's Staff (DSIII)
Sorcerer's Staff
Drop Rate ??? ???


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