Saint's Set
Icon DaSII PhyDef 168 Icon DaSII Poise 0
Icon DaSII StrikeDef 180 Icon DaSII PsnDef 75
Icon DaSII SlashDef 160 Icon DaSII BldDef 65
Icon DaSII ThrustDef 160 Icon DaSII PetrifyDef 143
Icon DaSII MagDef 123 Icon DaSII CurseDef 143
Icon DaSII FireDef 123
Icon DaSII LtnDef 152 Icon DaSII Durability 220
Icon DaSII DarkDef 123 Icon DaSII Weight 6.5
Type Armor Sets

The Saint's Set is a light armor set in Dark Souls II.


With a Faith of 30 the set can be acquired by talking to Licia of Lindeldt. The set can also be acquired by killing her. She can be killed in the player's world or by invading her world via a Crushed Eye Orb found in the Undead Crypt. If the player chooses to kill her in their world, they may purchase her armor from Merchant Hag Melentia.

Characteristics Edit

As well as offering excellent all round defences for its weight, the Hood grants +1 Faith and increases the number of casts for each attuned spell by 1.


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