The Sanctum Repeating Crossbow is a crossbow in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Repeating crossbow wielded by sanctum knights.
Strong attack fires dark bolts.
These guardian knights were sentenced to eternal stewardship of the Sanctum in a clandestine ritual carried out in the great depths, but today the sanctum receives nary a visitor.


Drops from the Sanctum Knights in the Dragon's Sanctum.


Similarly to the Avelyn, the Sanctum Repeating Crossbow fires bolts in three-shot rounds. As a result, although its damage per shot is lower than those of other crossbows, the Repeating Crossbow can inflict more total damage if all three bolts hit the target.

When wielded in two hands, pressing the strong attack button of the opposite hand causes several small Dark Orbs to be fired.

It's suggested to infuse this crossbow with Dark to increase the damage of the special heavy attack.



The Sanctum Repeating Crossbow is heavily based upon the Zhuge crossbow, or the Chinese repeating crossbow. It was also known as the "lián nǔ", which literally meant "continuous crossbow."

The weapon could also be considered a reference to the manga Berserk, in which the protagonist, Guts, uses a very similar repeating crossbow.


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