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Sanctum Soldiers are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King.


These are the former soldiers of Shulva city who have been afflicted with the noxious poison which consumed the city during Sinh's battle with Sir Yorgh. Even through with their condition, they still continue defend Shulva city from any invader dares to set foot in.

Description Edit

They wear corroded and decaying armor that resembles the Insolent Set in many ways. They are typically very aggressive and sometimes pretend to be dead to ambush the Bearer of the Curse as they explore the city.


Melee (Great Club)Edit

Very aggressive, these variants charge the player and attack with slow, overhead swings or right-to-left sweeps. They will also perform a leap attack if far enough away. The Sanctum Mace they wield does high Poise damage and causes poison buildup. There are also a few, later in the level, that have a poison aura much like the secondary effect on the Moon Butterfly Set.

Melee (Longsword)Edit

Less aggressive than their mace-wielding counterparts, these soldiers tend to time out their attacks and perform sweeping combos. They also cause poison buildup with their attacks.

Melee (Lance and Shield)Edit

These soldiers are the most defensive of the bunch, preferring to turtle behind their shields and attack with standard, lance-type attack set. They can easily stun-lock with the charge attack and deal significant damage due to the multiple hits it can deliver. They will also sometimes perform a shield bash, though doing so leaves them open to a backstab. Like all soldiers, their attacks cause poison buildup.

Ranged (Longbow)Edit

This variant attacks at range, usually in groups, with a longbow and poison arrows. They are very accurate and will often land headshots, causing the player to stagger and open them up to being hit by the melee units that often accompany the archers. When engaged in melee, they draw a longsword and adopt the Melee (Longsword) attack patterns. They will switch back to the bow if the player moves far enough away.

Notes Edit

They can use Estus Flask to heal themselves.

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