"Life is a journey... And every journey eventually leads to home..."
— Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior

Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior is a character in Dark Souls II, and in the comic Dark Souls II: Into the Light.

He is voiced by Matt Morgan, who also voiced the Crestfallen Warrior and Domhnall of Zena in Dark Souls.


Saulden wears the Knight Armor and Gauntlets, the Wanderer Boots and no helm. In the comic and in early screenshots, he wears the Warrior Set. He's the spiritual successor of the Crestfallen Warrior from the previous game. While he is still as depressed and hopeless as his predecessor, Saulden seems to have a slightly friendlier personality, offering helpful advice to those in need.

Saulden will give you certain gifts after meeting some criteria:

Saulden also drops a Ring of Steel Protection upon death.


Saulden into the light

Saulden in Dark Souls II: Into the Light.

Dark Souls II: Into the LightEdit

A lone warrior bearing a curse meets Saulden when the latter is resting at a bonfire. Saulden decides to invite the warrior to sit around the fire for a while. After a brief conversation, the undead warrior decides to continue his quest, although Saulden tries to convince him to stay for a little longer in order to share some of his knowledge with him. The warrior, however, refuses his offer, deeming that his sword "belongs to a crestfallen man who hides by his fire".

Soon, the same warrior returns, bloodied and dying. Using his blood, the bearer desperately writes a summon sign into the ground before dying, his corpse fading away. Moments later, the warrior is reincarnated. Saulden then asks if the warrior will listen to his advice this time. The warrior replies with "I will."

Dark Souls IIEdit

Saulden is met for the first time in Majula, sitting next to an obelisk-like structure near the coast. Upon talking to him, he reveals some information about Drangleic and he gives the player some directions and hints about where to go next. Saulden also invites the player to join the Way of Blue covenant, so that the Blue Sentinels can come to the player's aid whenever they are in trouble.

Character informationEdit

Health and soulsEdit

Health Souls
1,320 3,327 800 1,600


Item Ring of Steel Protection
Ring of Steel Protection
Drop Rate Guaranteed



  • In early screenshots and in the comic, Saulden is seen wearing the Hard Leather Set from the first game, instead of the armor set that he wears in the final version of the game. This change of armor is probably due to the developers deciding to give the Hard Leather Set to Mild-Mannered Pate instead.
  • He is the only "Crestfallen Warrior" in the Dark Souls series who doesn't die during his storyline.