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The Scholar's Candlestick is a dagger in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A candlestick covered in ivory scales once used by the Scholars of the Great Archives.
This served as their guiding light, as well as a tool of self-restrain. Even today, wielders of this weapon benefit from the resulting sorcery-strengthening properties.
Weapon Skill: Guiding Light
The candle provides a temporary source of light which reveals additional guidance.



While this weapon offers unimpressive physical damage, it boasts a very impressive 25% increase to magic. This increase effects both normal sorceries and Dark sorceries. The one drawback is that a player needs to sacrifice using a shield while using this item as a Magic booster for casting spells. Furthermore, this stacks with other Sorcery damage increase items. Also the requirements do not need to be met to benefit from the buff.




Reinforced with Titanite.


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