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The Scythe of Nahr Alma is a reaper in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The scythe used by Titchy Gren, and by believers in Nahr Alma, god of blood.
Normally used only in ceremonies. Imbued with the power of dark.
This is no place for talk of such things, however.


Titchy Gren will award the scythe to the player when spoken to after achieving rank 3 in the Brotherhood of Blood.

Alternatively, if the player has killed Titchy Gren at any point, it can be bought from Merchant Hag Melentia for 8,800 souls.


This reaper is among the lightest of its category, deals moderate damage and has very low requirements to be wielded, although it does need basic stats in Faith and Intelligence.

Players focusing on a Hex build, should favor this weapon due to its nature of split damage in Dark. It is advised for those players to infuse it with Dark and use Dark Weapon or Resonant Weapon to further enhance its damage potential.

Due to this weapon's split damage with Dark, it is more adept at dealing "chip damage" through enemy defenses.

Its moveset is standard and has no standout features, it works exactly like the Great Scythe and may be stronger with the aforementioned Hex build.

As a side note, due to its relatively low weight, this weapon can be kept in the player's arsenal during PvP duels to attack defensive opponents relying too much on "turtling" behind their shields. Any reaper may pierce through shields, but this one may be more suited for versatile players.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
The player performs an overhead swing. Additional input results in a diagonal slice.
Strong Attack
The player brings the scythe toward the left side of their body, then pulls back, bringing caught enemies toward the player. Additional input results in a horizontal sweep.
Weak Attack
Same as one-handed weak attack but stronger.
Strong Attack
The player walks forward slightly whilst sweeping horizontally. Additional input results in an overhead slam.
Jump Attack The player slams the scythe down when near the end of the jump.
Running Attack A wide horizontal sweep.
Rolling Attack The player swings the scythe upward after rolling.
Power Stance Weak Attack
Power Stance Strong Attack
Guard break
Standard guard break.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
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