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The Sea Bow is a bow in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A bow built for sea-faring marine warriors. Has an extended range for hunting down sea monsters from afar.
A great sea lies to the north of Drangleic, and beyond that is an unexplored continent that is home to things inhuman.


Dropped by the Varangian Sailors at No-Man's Wharf.


Even though it has only mediocre scaling and average base damage, the Sea Bow has the highest range out of any other bow in the game, even surpassing the Hunter's Blackbow's impressive range. It is notably one of the few strength-oriented bows in the game, the others being the Composite Bow, Dragonrider Bow and the Bell Keeper Bow.

Bell Keeper BowBow of WantComposite BowDragonrider BowHunter's Blackbow
Long BowSea BowShort Bow
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