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Second Dragon Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A dragon signet ring. Grants its bearer the protection of dragons. Increases HP, stamina, and maximum Equip Load, but is easily broken.
Raulmond, knight of Drangleic, served the king by guarding the fort until his own demise, and was said to have cherished this ring throughout his life of service.


Obtained from Manscorpion Tark if the player talks to him while wearing the Ring of Whispers, after killing The Duke's Dear Freja

The ring may also be obtained by killing Manscorpion Tark. Killing Tark after he has given the ring makes him drop a second ring.


Similarly to the Ring of Favor and Protection in Dark Souls, the Second Dragon Ring boosts Health by 5% as well as Stamina and Equip Load by 10%. However, it has very low Durability and can easily be broken if care is not taken, this is especially true during PVP combat as successive matches may lead to the ring being broken from losses.


This ring can't be equipped at the same time as the First Dragon Ring or Third Dragon Ring.

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